IU2U program

Upon arriving at an IU2U workshop, new students and their parents will be greeted by current IU students - our IU2U student leaders - who will help them get settled in for the day. Students and parents will attend separate workshops specifically designed to address their needs.

What students can expect:

  • opportunities to learn what student life is really like from current IU students
  • activities to learn about helpful resources and academic opportunities
  • information about degree requirements and class scheduling so that students can enroll early in two classes after attending the workshop
  • games, prizes, and lots of fun along the way

What parents can expect:

  • helpful information presented by IU faculty and staff about finances, academics, health, safety, support services, and more
  • current students sharing their advice for personal and academic success
  • an opportunity to get answers to all their questions
  • resources to turn to in the future when additional questions arise

Don't miss this great opportunity to make new friends, enroll early in a couple of classes, and get answers to all your questions about life at IU!

Pre-Arrival orientations

IU2U is currently available in three different countries. The pre-arrival orientations are presented primarily in English, though Chinese and Korean translators will be available in the parent programs.

Workshop dates & details

Each workshop will take place from 11:00am-4:00pm with a light lunch served at 1:00pm. Please plan on arriving by 10:30am to check-in before the workshop begins. The full itinerary can be viewed below.


  1. June 13, 2020
Location: More details to follow


  1. June 16, 2020
Location: More details to follow


  1. June 19, 2020
  2. June 20, 2020
Location: IU India Gateway Office, E-12, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi


  1. June 19, 2020
Location: More details to follow

Student Workshop ItineraryParent Workshop Itinerary
11:00-11:30Welcome and Introductions11:15-1:00Welcome and Introductions
11:30-1:00Academics at IU11:15-1:00Academics at IU
1:30-2:00The US Classroom1:30-2:00Prepare for Student's Departure
2:00-2:30Prepare for Arrival2:00-2:45Tuition and Finances
2:30-2:45Campus Involvement2:45-3:00Health Insurance
2:45-3:00Student Organization Presentation3:00-3:15Student Organization Presentation
3:00-3:30Student Life Panel Discussion3:15-3:40Student Life Panel Discussion
3:30-3:45Next Steps/Final Remarks3:40-3:45Final Remarks

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